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Unlike my electric basses, I gave my archtop acoustic bass a name, "Iris".


Iris is the result of a question that is asked by many electric bass players.

How do I have the sound of a double bass in a familiar format and playability? 


When I set out to answer that question I knew I was heading towards uncharted territory. The freedom of creating a unique instrument is both scary and liberating at the same time. 


Having acquired a certain knowledge of how to build traditional acoustic instruments, I applied those methods creating my

archtop acoustic bass.


Iris is built by hand in the true sense of the word. From heat bending the sides to cutting the purfling channel to arching/thicknessing the spruce top. 


Of course, just learning how to build acoustic instruments and doing it by hand doesn't mean anything! 

What makes Iris unique is the timbre of it, the big bassy tone!

Similar instruments exist but none with such acoustic tone.

That tone is achieved not by accident but a fine balance of knowledge, determination and true passion.



Iris is meant to be played on the lap and plucked like an acoustic bass guitar. For those who wish to experiment with upright playing, an extendible endpin can be accomodated for an additional charge. 

  • Top:                           Spruce, Sitka or European

  • Back and sides:     Master grade flamed maple

  • Neck:                        Maple or Douglas fir

  • Fingerboard:           AAA Ebony

  • Scale:                        90 cm

  • Pickup:                     Custom piezo pickup and a hand-wound magnetic pickup 

  • Strings:                     Thomastik-spirocore

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