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Semi-acoustic Safran bass is designed having one goal in mind, getting the most acoustic tone out of an electric bass format. At the same time maintaining the aesthetical beauty of an acoustic instrument. The purpleheart binding prevents the softer top wood from damages and adds a classically elegant look to the instrument. It truly is an acoustic instrument with a curved top similar to a gypsy guitar. It has enough volume for practicing without amplification.


The amplification is achieved by a magnetic and a piezo pickup working simultaneously. The unique feature is the magnetic pickup positioned discreetly under the fingerboard with adjustable polepieces to adjust the desired string balance. The blend pot which is located at the tailpiece which is embedded in the body allows one to blend between piezo and magnetic sources effortlessly. Interesting tonal possibilities without the excessive pots, switches etc. A typical Safran!  

-Master grade European Spruce or Western Red Cedar top.

-2 pieces Red Alder, Swamp Ash or Spanish Cedar body (cut from a single plank)

-2 pieces hard maple neck (carbon fibre reinforced).

-Various options available for the fingerboard: African Ebony, Bloodwood, Katalox and more.

-Custom hand wound Safran magnetic pickup and custom piezo saddle pickup.

-Volume and blend controls recessed in the tailpiece.

-Schaller Da Vinci or M4 light tuning machines, matching strap locks.

-French polishing or oil finish.

-3.1 kilograms.

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