Dominique Dipiazza



Yes, it is a beautiful bass that I have now in my hands! Ideal for playing solo pieces, it reminds me the kind of warm and clean sound I used to have on my solo piece "Marie".
The craftwork is amazing, the playability is great and most importantly the sound is full and rich and very clear!
Thanks to my brother Hadrien Feraud for putting me in touch with Umut Dal from Safran Basses. And thanks to Umut who is a very talented luthier, not a builder of 'tools" for musicians but a builder of true musical instruments which are worthy to be called that name.
I encourage bass players to check out Safran basses!

Reggie Washington



"My Safran bass has the looks, feel & sound of something very special. 

And I know with hi-end handcrafted instruments; it's 'bass-essence' will only get better with time." 


Thanks Umut*

Bobby Vega



Iris is so Beautiful!! Acoustically inspirational. Do yourself a favour get one!



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