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Hollow body

I put a decade of work developing Safran hollow body basses, relentlessly trying to create the most musical, organic electric bass


- They are hollow body instruments not randomly chambered. Every aspect of the design working in harmony to create a true musical instrument.


- They are lightweight instruments. Weighing under 3,5 kilos (4 string) it’s perfectly balanced. Those long gigs are no longer a painful experience.


- They are loved by great musicians like Dominique Dipiazza and Reggie Washington. Try out one yourself and you will be charmed by this unique musical instrument!

Single cutaway: 

This is my take on the popular single cutaway construction. The neck-body connection extends as far as the 12th fret.  That extra connection increases sustain and creates a more unified instrument. Furthermore, I have spent years perfecting the ergonomics and the design. I came up with a heel contour that I call "the steps". Enhanced sustain, elegant lines, effortless playability characterise single cutaway Safran bass.  

Double cutaway:  

I settled upon bolt-on neck construction for this design. The main reason is that the neck can be separated from the body and replaced if needed, for example, unrepairable damage on the neck. Also, I can build two necks for the same body allowing you to change the neck to fretted or fretless. In addition to that, the truss rod is adjustable from the body which allows me to build thinner necks if required. Super smooth neck and versatility are the key points of this design.

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